Meaningful SuccessMeaningful Success is what you think it is. Meaningful Success is not a competition. It is what makes you truly happy. It may very well be financial reward because achieving financial wealth offers the freedom to do what we want, when we want, where we want, with our rules.

Meaningful Success may also mean helping others have a beneficial outcome in their lives. When we leave a legacy of good and valuable service, the memory of our having graced this earth has a lasting presence.

What is Meaningful Success Compared to Success?

Success is how others perceive your accomplishments.  It is also what you perceive others judge to be success.  You are no longer working toward your internal vision of what success means.  Does that mean achievement is not success?  Not at all. Reaching a goal or a milestone is to be celebrated.  But, did you enjoy the journey?  Does this success leave you feeling empty?  Like you should feel better about it?

Others can’t know the true meaning of how you feel about their perceptions of success.  Perhaps their aspirations are meaningful for them.  So, don’t judge them even though they are projecting their values and their judgements about success onto you.  Think for yourself about what is meaningful to you.

Always carry a smile whether you are feeling success or not.  A smile projects a much more positive image than a frown.  A smile not only wins over your audience, it wins you over s well. But, what about those times that you feel empty.  Perhaps you feel like you don’t deserve what you are perceived to have accomplished?

Ahhhh!  Now you can begin to understand what I am getting at.  You appear to be wealthy but may be struggling with debt.  You won a race, but didn’t beat your personal best time.  You attended a party with your great-looking spouse, but you hate each others guts.  You smile, and those on the outside perceive success.  But, you don’t feel it.  It is not meaningful success because you are not in a place where you are happy.

Leave a Lasting Impression

This is when you begin the process of thinking about what is meaningful to you and set about the journey for getting there.  It won’t happen immediately.  But, a plant will not grow without burying a seed, watering it and giving it the warmth of sunshine.  Doing so will create meaning in your future successes and it will leave a lasting impression with people you may never know.  Have the peace of mind knowing that they will be cheering your success because you became a model for them to pattern their life.


There will be more topics on this Blog Site to help you think about your vision for meaningful success, your mindset to act with courage and tools for achieving the financial freedom to enjoy the journey.  Topics will cover a range of issues from personal self-help to “how-to” methods and tools to accomplish your goals.  It is often said that if you really, truly want to learn a subject, you should teach it.  I am embarking on a teaching journey that forces me out of my comfort zone , that forces me to research subjects that move me toward a vision of meaningful success.  It will be a joyous journey because I will learn about myself and will hopefully help readers learn about themselves.

Will you join me?

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